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We provide highly successful training in the Ada language, since 1986.  Our courses are based upon our extensive Ada development experience and unique opportunities to work with literally the best real-time Ada people in the world.

Key Benefits

bulletReal-world information based upon over 30 years of Ada development experience
bulletPolished material and presentations
bulletMature, in-depth courses offered since 1986
bulletFree after-course language support via e-mail
bulletReflects work in the Ada Run-Time Environment Working Group, the international focus group for real-time systems in Ada
bulletReflects work with the University of York's Real-Time Systems Group, the leading hard real-time scheduling research team
bulletReflects work with the NASA/UHCL Software Engineering Research Center, which brought Ada to NASA and the International Space Station


We offer Ada courses in a number of areas.  The buttons above provide specific descriptions and course content, or follow the links below.  Note that we can tailor any course to your specific needs. All courses include a copy of the presentation slides, laboratory exercises, and (optionally) textbooks.

Embedded/Real-Time Programming In Ada
A very advanced course dealing with issues and techniques rather than syntax and semantics.  Find out how to guarantee deadlines with Ada's deterministic tasking, how to make your own deterministic schedulers and storage managers, and much more.   These are the things you need to know how to do, and they are now directly supported by Ada.
Object-Oriented Programming In Ada
An in-depth examination of the first internationally standardized object-oriented programming language's extensive support for OOP.  Everything you wanted to know, and where to look for more.
Production Programming In Ada
The features necessary for real-world "production" programming, including some advanced topics, such as exceptions, and all other features necessary to produce real code.
Advanced Programming In Ada
The more complex language features necessary for designing systems, such as tasking, access types, and generics are covered here.  Lead software architects need this course.

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