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Welcome to Software Arts & Sciences, a software engineering consulting company providing development and training for advanced real-time systems.  We believe that efficient, elegant, and readable software will also be more reliable, maintainable, and cost-effective.  Thus there is still both art and science in software development -- hence our name.  

Our Courses

Our training courses are based upon decades of development experience, so you get the information you really need.  We use the latest in presentation media to provide courses that are interesting as well as informative, and hopefully a little bit fun too.   Courses are available on the Ada programming language, schedulability analysis for hard deadline systems, and software fault tolerance, all with a focus on real-time systems.

Key Benefits

bulletContent is based on over 35 years of professional development experience
bulletIncludes free copies of the source code presented in the courses
bulletPresentations may be tailored to specific requirements
bulletIncludes after-course support: related questions via email answered free of charge
bulletEach course includes bound hardcopies of the presentation slides

We offer courses in a number of areas, both language-independent and language-specific.   Don't forget that we can tailor a course specifically for you.

The Ada Programming Language

Several courses on Ada are available.

Schedulability Analysis for Hard Real-Time Systems

This language-independent seminar examines how to analytically determine if deadlines will be met prior to execution.  Additional material discussing how  Ada supports this topic may be included upon request.

Software Fault Tolerance

The one-day seminar examines techniques and mechanisms for tolerating unanticipated software design faults. Laboratory work reinforces the material so you can very quickly use what you learn.


Courses are usually taught at your site.  This approach is the most cost-effective because it eliminates per-student travel expenses and because a comparatively large number of students can attend for no "extra" charge.  On-site training also allows the students to use their actual development environment for the laboratory exercises. 

Contact Information

If you would like to discuss your requirements, or simply want to know more about our products and services, please call or send email.  We are located in the Central time zone of the United States, -6 hours from GMT (sometimes -7).

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