Introductory Ada 95
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Production Programming In Ada

This language-intensive course introduces Ada as a software engineering language, by using the principles of software engineering to illustrate the rationale for language facilities. As each major feature is introduced, the corresponding rationale is provided, such that students not only "know" the language (i.e., syntax), but, more importantly, they understand the language and its capabilities. More than an introductory course, topics usually covered in "advanced" courses are included so that production-quality, real-world software can be produced. For example, the full details and advantages of packages, hierarchical library units, private types, limited types, and exceptions are thoroughly examined in detail.


The ideal student will have prior programming experience in some high-level language.   No prior Ada experience is required.


Students will have the knowledge and familiarity with both the language features and their rationale to produce production-quality code.


5 days